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“In the relation between a photograph and words, the photograph begs for an interpretation, and the words usually supply it. The photograph, irrefutable as evidence but weak in meaning, is given a meaning by the words. And the words, which by themselves remain at the level of generalization, give a specific authenticity by the irrefutability […]

Dark Spring

As if you feed my fascination with all things black and white, Beach House just released a video to their new single “Dark Spring”, which include some great monochrome visuals.

“The feeling of unshakable longing for a place we’ve never been to is often an indescribable force. How is it possible to miss or pine for a place you’ve never traveled to you ask? Kaukokaipuu has also been described as a specific form of wanderlust – a craving for a distant land or a deep […]

Día de los Muertos

In 1931, Soviet film director Sergey Eisenstein visited Mexico and filmed a more than two hour long “symphony of Mexico”. He brought back some truly masterfully cut images of the annual Day of the Dead celebrations.


Wherever you stand, you have the impression of being on the margin of a dangerous precipice. Brasilia stands on the margin. — Were I to live here, I should let my hair grow down to my feet. — Brasilia belongs to a glorious past which no longer exists. That type of civilization disappeared thousands of […]

“One thing I had already guessed: I would have to write always, not waiting for a better moment because that would simply never come. Writing was always difficult for me, even though I had begun with what is known as vocation. Vocation is different from talent. One can have vocation and not talent; one can […]