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In the Colored World, There’s No Space for Dreams

This advertising clip for the Leica M Monochrom is both amazing and completely ridiculous: It reminds me of how shunned color photography used to be, with Henri Cartier-Bresson reportedly telling William Eggleston, a trailblazer of color photography: “You know, William, color is bullshit.” Of course it isn’t there is some incredibly evocative color photography, and […]

“It is never inspiration that drives you to tell a story, but rather a combination of anger and clarity.” –Valeria Luiselli


At record pace, a second podcast episode in two weeks. You thought I was done with Latin American? No way: Here’s an episode about the Mexican photographer Manuel Álvarez Bravo, and more broadly about describing something that cannot be seen. Listen, or read on for the transcript.

“El objetivo del fotógrafo continúa siendo satisfacer los impulsos del ojo: descubrir.” —Mireira A. Puigventós

Eyes Closed

I’m not sure what attracts me to photos of people with their eyes closed. Is it the intimacy of the shot? The sight of something we usually only catch glimpses of? Maybe it’s feeling of the world standing still, or of a person arresting time—if for a little bit—by not seeing.

Film and File Lessons

This is a fairly specific read. Unless you’re interested in the ins and outs of photo file management, you might want to skip it. I have never enjoyed post processing. It’s a real downer to come back from an exciting shoot and then having to sift through a ton of pictures to tweak colors, cropping, […]