Here is a list of projects I am currently working on.
Check back soon for more.

idealist bold copy logoTogether with Max Tholl I have created The Idea List, a digital magazine that revolves around a new topic each month.

On it, we bring you a variety of content we find intriguing: Be it articles we wrote related to the given topics, articles we asked others to write, interviews and photo essays.

The Idea List launched in October 2015. It is essentially a labor of love, a creative platform for us to explore topics ranging from the obscure to the newsworthy.

I contribute in written form and have handled the technical set-up as well as created the graphic identity.

Check out The Idea List on the web or on Twitter.



AL LogoAvailable Light is my podcast about photography.

Inspired by my writing on the topic, it explores of photography in spoken form; ranging from technical and aesthetic to discussions about its development in the digital age and interviews with the people shaping it.

I started this project to teach myself audio production and because I like the challenge of talking about something visual in an audio format.

Read more on or start listening to the podcast – on Soundcloud, iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts.






In 2015 and 2016, I worked with the team of the StartupGuide to produce their popular books about start-up ecosystems in Berlin and Stockholm. Hailing from Copenhagen, StartupGuide profiles different European cities’ entrepreneurial communities and brings them together in a handy overview—think travel guide, but for the start-up sector.

For the Berlin and Stockholm books, I conducted a total of 75 interviews with first-time entrepreneurs, experienced founders, start-up accelerators, and owners of co-working spaces. I also photographed everyone I interviewed, as well as their offices and products. See the results here.

Read more about them here.