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The cult of ruin

Over at the Calvert Journal, which I only just discovered, writer Jamie Rann has published a very worthwhile piece on of ruin photography. It is part scathing critique, part historical lesson – and as a whole just a fantastic read about the origins of an aesthetic that I love but have hardly given much thought to. As […]

A small miracle

As a German, going abroad means that you will be confronted with the Second World War. It is a law of nature: The only lasting imprint we seem to have left on the world is the dictatorship of the mid 20th century. I am not here to complain, though. After all, we do the same […]

The spaceship

The statue at the bottom of the mountain had graffiti sprawled across it. “It says Death to Communism“, Lora helpfully translated, as we made our way past it and towards the summit. We were in Bulgaria for the second time in less than a year, this time with a local by our side: Lora recently […]

Mostly grey

While Saturday had been a warm, sunny day in the city, Sunday wasn’t having any part of it. We were on the road to leave the city, passing a few yellow lights on our way out, when it started to pour. I looked over to Christian, who was behind the wheel and said “Look, now […]


We took a trip out to Lichtenberg where a swimming pool lies abandoned and where the adjacent building’s clock is permanently stuck at midnight.

Celebrate decay

New Year’s Eve in Berlin, particularly Neukölln, means war. Two days before the actual event, explosions start going off in the distance. By the 31st, the streets are littered in paper wrappers of cheap Chinese explosives. Biking is reminiscent of a trip across enemy lines, since people hurl fire crackers from their balconies. In short: […]

Open season

We were going to be the most well-behaved visitors to ever make the trip to Teufelsberg: Stare at the abandoned radar towers from a distance, take a photo or two and not even think about crawling through a hole in the fence – but then a guy opened the gate and let us in. After […]

Evil Coconut Water Empire Inc.

Songbirds seem to be the recurring theme of the past days: It’s 5:30 am on the fourth day of what must be a historic heat wave in Spring and I just woke up from the incredible clarity of the their chirping outside of my window. The sun is already out, it is both quiet and […]