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Preston Bus Station

A few months ago, I stumbled upon a black and white image of a starkly modernist clock somewhere on the internet. It was the central time piece of the Preston Bus Station, a terminal built in the late 1960s, and either an eyesore or a brutalist masterpiece, depending on who you ask. On the photos […]

A Pilgrimage

I remember back in school when they threw a worksheet about the Bauhaus movement in front of us and it meant nothing to me. Attending art class inside a building that was your typical 1960s postwar fare, a structure seemingly carved out of a giant block of concrete, a lack of ornamentation meant little to […]

Por las nubes

I had always assumed that Decembrists song “O Valencia!” to be about the city of the same name. It speaks volumes about my ability to pay attention to song lyrics that I had to first go there and look them up to realize it was instead about a Shakespearean love story and bore no references at all to […]

Turf War

I spent the last week in Spain, trying to soak up as much culture and vocabulary as possible. Over in Valencia, I found out about a historic fishing district called El Cabanyal, which has been dealing with legal uncertainty for around 20 years: The city government had wanted to extend a major road towards the seaside and […]

Embalmed grandiosity

This architecture might make you a Stalinist. Try not to be impressed when you walk through Moscow with your neck craned, staring at buildings. All about this city is huge, as if constructed for giants. The buildings are tall, the avenues wide. Some central streets have 18 lanes (I counted). When you have crossed the […]

On the surface

The U7 is the longest subway line in Berlin, and probably one of the weirdest. Clocking in at 31.8 kilometers, it tunnels through virtually half of the city and many of its 40 stations are a complete mystery to me. When traveling on this line, I usually stop paying attention as countless stops fly by, each with […]