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Dark Spring

As if you feed my fascination with all things black and white, Beach House just released a video to their new single “Dark Spring”, which include some great monochrome visuals.

Silver Soul

Headphones are underrated. On an afternoon a few weeks ago, I was walking through Berlin with headphones on and had a quasi-religious experience. It had already started to get dark and the bare tree tops were sticking out against the dark blue sky. I was listening to Beach House’s Teen Dream, an album that came out in 2010 […]

"We'd love to stay for coffee… but you know, the crowds…"

Portugal. Ryanair, the LOW FARES airline succeeded in moving Anika and me down there for a 4 day trip that had mainly been inspired by the fact that the flight was so affordable. It is an interesting cultural phenomenon how the airline with the obnoxious on-time fanfare brings us to places we would not otherwise […]