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Historical Distance

If you’ve ever been turned off by the photography part of my podcast about photography, give this episode a listen. It’s about not fitting in, being ahead of one’s time, and misjudging history. Listen below or or read on for the transcript.


At record pace, a second podcast episode in two weeks. You thought I was done with Latin American? No way: Here’s an episode about the Mexican photographer Manuel Álvarez Bravo, and more broadly about describing something that cannot be seen. Listen, or read on for the transcript.


Happy to bring you a new episode of my podcast Available Light, challenging the notion that a camera doesn’t lie. You can listen below – or click “Read more” to continue to the transcript.

“There is no way of knowing the territory a dream occupies within you until you feel the contours of its absence.” – Nate di Meo, in an excellent episode of The Memory Palace

New Vision

Here’s the second episode of my podcast, Available Light. It’s inspired by a recent trip to the Bauhaus, and it’s about photographic lessons from the radical, 1920s approach to art. You can listen below – or click “Read more” to continue to the transcript.

Where are podcasts headed?

In tech, things have a way of happening simultaneously. The first has been a small debate about the future of podcasting, caused by this New York Times article. On behalf of some podcasters, it makes the case for Apple – which provides the dominant podcast catalogue – to double down on the format: Interviews with […]

Emotional Language

In an interview on the great “Song Exploder” podcast, the singer of The Long Winters, John Roderick, comments on the cryptic lyrics of “The Commander Thinks Aloud”: Most of The Long Winters’ songs are (…) intentionally difficult to parse because they are meant to communicate in an emotional language rather than in a literal language. […]