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“Then what is writing of quality? Well, what it’s always been: to know how to thrust your head into the darkness, know how to leap into the void, and to understand that literature is basically a dangerous calling.” –Roberto Bolaño


I just stumbled upon this sweeping 2007 review of Bolaño’s Savage Detectives by Daniel Zalewski of the New Yorker. It talks not just about the writer’s twisted and tragic life story, but also about his rejection of literary mainstream and his dislike for Magic Realism – only to introduce a new term that I couldn’t […]

“Inside, however, he felt that something was missing. The decisive step, the bold stroke. The moment at which the larvae, with a reckless smile, turns into a butterfly.” – Roberto Bolaño, 2666

Emotional Language

In an interview on the great “Song Exploder” podcast, the singer of The Long Winters, John Roderick, comments on the cryptic lyrics of “The Commander Thinks Aloud”: Most of The Long Winters’ songs are (…) intentionally difficult to parse because they are meant to communicate in an emotional language rather than in a literal language. […]

…lo único que hacía era escribir y dar largos paseos que comenzaban a las siete de la tarde, tras despertar, momento en el cual mi cuerpo experimentaba algo semejante al jet-lag, una sensación de estar y no estar, de distancia con respecto a lo que me rodeaba, de indefinida fragilidad. –Roberto Bolaño, Sensini