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Soviet Glory

We went to the Russian embassy for work: my colleagues interviewed the ambassador while I took photos and strode around the room, trying to sneak shots of the wallpaper. “Is it your first time at the embassy?”, the press officer asked in heavily-accented German. When we nodded, he called over a young woman working there […]

The cult of ruin

Over at the Calvert Journal, which I only just discovered, writer Jamie Rann has published a very worthwhile piece on of ruin photography. It is part scathing critique, part historical lesson – and as a whole just a fantastic read about the origins of an aesthetic that I love but have hardly given much thought to. As […]

Russkij Berlin

“There’s a cultural difference between the Poles and us: We eat and then get drunk, whereas they just get drunk”, my Russian driver pointed out to me as we turned an intersection in central Berlin. The radio was tuned to a German-Russian station and he smiled when I exclaimed that I had never even heard […]