The startup built a vibrant community and marketplace for real photography.

I helped them create a content strategy for photographers and image buyers alike—writing articles both would want to read.

January 13, 2018   ·   content-production,content-strategy,copywriting

Founded in 2010, EyeEm is one of Berlin's most successful startups: Long billed as the European answer to Instagram, it managed to attract a community of 22 million photographers—the great majority of them really skilled and passionate about sharing their work.

More than filling the page

In 2016, shortly after they had introduced a marketplace for creators to sell their work, I joined EyeEm to spearhead their content production. I created articles about community members, photography tutorials, and advice for photo editors. All with engagement in mind and visuals to match.

I'm a photographer myself, so care about content that did more than just fill the page. I wrote articles that brought value, highlighted photographers with exceptional vision, and showed image buyers the true depth of the community.

My favorite bit?

I created a content strategy for mobile and desktop readers as well as external publications. It covered everything from community engagement, product launches, photo trends, and award announcements. Set up an editorial calendar for regular publication and designed a style guide that ensured consistent spelling and typography.

My favorite bit? Working with EyeEm's photo and design teams. Together we created the bi-annual EyeEm Visual Trends report, in which I explained the hottest current trends in photography. I also worked with different employees, ghostwriting articles that highlighted their area of expertise, like landscape photography or cinematic style.

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