Showing people in the best light.

January 13, 2018   ·   photography

Photography is about light: the way it falls into a room, bounces off surfaces and illuminated people. Natural light is the most beautiful but it changes over the course of the day, starting out soft in the mornings, turning brighter and harsher at midday, only the end long shadows and what's called the blue hour.

In my pictures, I work mostly with natural light. That means I try to capture the different kinds of light as they happen. My favorite kinds of pictures result from happenstance, they are something I see occur naturally and that I freeze with the camera.

That means that I prefer serendipity over static or posed images. The best motifs come about when there is something happening, when I can snap a real-life event. On assignment, I try to create the conditions in which people feel relaxed and at ease, I want to set the stage for something to happen that usually doesn't when there is a camera around.

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