I’m part of a collective of designers, strategists, and developers—committed to charming digital experiences and captivating brands.

May 31, 2018   ·   content-strategy,design,consultancy,branding

At studio~humm, we offer functional design with an eye for strategy. We’re a group of designers and strategists, offering design and communication consultancy services for companies both large and small.

With our backgrounds in brand and graphic design, editorial production and content strategy—paired with a lot of curiosity, we’ve set out to help companies present themselves and their products in the best light while communicating clearly.

We believe in direct dialogue with our clients and moving at a rapid speed. Agility isn’t just a buzzword for us but something that our small team actually brings to the table.

I work as Content Strategist for the studio and just helped a Berlin startup rebrand, down to the company name. Read more about that case here—or about the studio’s services in general right here.

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