The European

…was a bi-lingual magazine focused on politics, society, and culture. Between 2011 and 2015 I worked there as writer and lead image editor.

January 15, 2018   ·   writing,journalism,photography,project management

I started out at The European in 2011, when it was a young journalistic startup with an innovative digital strategy. By 2013, the team and I had launched a nation-wide print magazine, revamped our website and CMS, and launched an English-language edition.

A giant learning experience

As writer I was in charge of technology, society and international politics coverage, acquiring authors, editing articles, conducting interviews, translating from English, Spanish, and Dutch into German. I also wrote a bi-lingual column about the internet and technology.

The work at The European was a giant learning experience: I joined right after college and immediately had a lot of responsibilities. I learned how to structure stories and to write clearly. Was taught how to edit pieces and write good headlines. And finally, I did so many interviews that I understood how to ask questions with interesting answers.

From writing to images

Thanks to my photo background, I became responsible for the photos published in each print issue. I worked with an extremely slim budget to acquire interesting photo stories fitting to each issue’s topic and profiled the photographers who created them. Frequently, I also went out with my own camera, taking portraits of high-ranking German and international politicians to be printed in the magazine.

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