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A magazine for curious people. With a changing monthly theme, The Idea List explores topics you never knew you cared about.

January 15, 2018   ·   content production,content strategy,writing

In 2015, Max Tholl and I set up The Idea List: A digital magazine revolving around a new topic each month. We pick deliberately broad topics that range from “The Devil” to “Sleep” and tackle them through interviews, articles, or photo series.

It’s been a wild ride: We've talked to an exorcist and the head of the church of satan. Explored the Spanish countryside with a photographer and dove through Berlin’s trash with a garbologist. We talked to writers whose books we admire, or infamous movie director Uwe Boll, whose work is universally shunned for its bad taste.

As journalists, we often cover topics with broad appeal or commercial value. On The Idea List we deliberately do the opposite: Shine a light into the more obscure corners of society and culture in order to surprise our readers with information they wouldn’t find elsewhere.

These days, my tasks consist mainly of writing and editing, but also took care of the technical infrastructure, graphic identity, and set up a style guide for the magazine.

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

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