So long as I have questions to which there are no answers, I shall go on writing.”
—Clarice Lispector

I’m Lars Mensel and here I collect what I’m noticing. Currently, that revolves around memory, authenticity, and the culture wars.


I keep busy with a variety of ongoing projects:

  1. I’m 1/3 of studio~humm, an independent brand design studio in Berlin.
  2. I collect inspiration on
  3. I upload pictures on the old-school photo-sharing site Flickr.
  4. Each year, I try to rack up 4000 km on the gravel trails around Berlin.


I used to work as an editor at the magazine The European (now defunct), then as a content designer at photography startup EyeEm and at IBM iX. I also authored two books of the Startup Guide series, created the magazine The Idea List and the podcast Available Light.


Look me up on Mastodon or reach me by email at

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