How Design Makes the World

November 11, 2020 Scott Berkun Khoi Vinh Design Reading

This looks interesting: In a new book, Scott Berkun breaks down the mechanics of design and demonstrates its ubiquity and importance to nearly every aspect of life”. He explains the reasoning behind it in an interview with Khoi Vinh on AIGA, itself tackling the question of why design is all around us yet so hard to define:

Two: that design is just the trivial surface of things. Most people think of design as a layer on top, the final paint color or style (which is often harder and more powerful than people think). But design goes all the way down. Why is the border between India and Pakistan where it is, and often in conflict? Someone designed it. Why is the nearest bus stop one block or fifty blocks from where you live? Someone designed that too. Why does a McDonald’s cheeseburger have three buns? And where’d that special sauce” come from? Again, it was designed!”

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