Elusive Antarctica

October 26, 2021 Antarctica

Not the map I’m looking for, but close enough.Not the map I’m looking for, but close enough.

Back in 2016, when I was working a freelance gig in Sweden, I briefly visited a co-working space that had a beautiful historic map of Antarctica on its wall. Ironically, the coldest continent gave a strange warmth to the stark white room—possibly because the land mass consisted of so many shades of white, blue, and beige.

In the intervening years, I’ve made countless attempts to find the same map for my own home, scouring eBay and online archives, all in vain. I’ve looked at hundreds of maps, but none of them quite like the one I saw in Sweden.

If the whole undertaking seems frustrating (it is!), it’s also become a challenge I keep going back to. I’m so used to finding just about anything I need on the internet, often just a few clicks away, that the hunt for this map that I’ll probably never find has become something like a personal mission.

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