Constellations: September

September 20, 2023 Usbekistan Aldous Harding John Parish Nick Drake Tina Modotti Nick Heer

  1. The Magic of Uzbek winter melons

Nearly all winter melon varieties, such as those Qarshi sells, spend time in a dark and cool specially built melon shed called a qovunxona. There, strapped to the rafters with thick string or netting, they ripen in slow motion over the cold months, all the while growing softer and sweeter, skin shrivelling, while the flesh amasses maximum sucrose, becoming ever more melony.

  1. John Parish & Aldous Harding cover Nick Drake’s Three Hours
  1. Tina Modotti’s photo of a tornado from 1928.

  1. Nick Heer on Streaming and music discovery:

If anything, I think that is the recommendation I would give: if you want to enjoy music more, try enjoying more music. Listen to intimidating albums. Listen to stuff everyone else is listening to. Listen to things you do not understand. Listen to classic records you have not spent any time with. Check out the recommendations from reviewers, old-school blogs, and YouTubers. Try to make it through albums you think you dislike, and resist the urge to turn on something more familiar.

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