Available Light is a podcast that explores the history, culture, and madness of photography.

Here are the episodes so far:

  1. #1 The Banality of Color: Why looking at the past in color is such an uncanny experience.
  2. #2 New Vision: Photographic lessons from the radical, 1920s approach to art.
  3. #3 The Fourth Dimension: What the Decisive Moment means for originality.
  4. #4 Anterior Future: The story of Tina Modotti’s remarkable life—starting with a picture.
  5. #5 Hyperreality: We like to say that the camera doesn’t lie. But the reality it shows isn’t quite real either.
  6. #6 Introspection: Why a Chilean photographer quit fame in pursuit of mysticism and solitude.
  7. #7 Photopoetry: Mexican photographer Manuel Álvarez Bravo captured something that cannot be seen.
  8. #8 Historical Distance: Vitas Luckus was too revolutionary a photographer to be accepted. But his is no ordinary rebel’s story.
  9. #9 Identity: Gerda Taro didn’t just help invent one of the world’s most famous photographers. Briefly, she was him.
  10. #10 Presence (feat. Anders Petersen): A conversation with Anders Peterson about the magic of being there.